Backyardigans – Growing your Vegetables.

July 11, 2009 § 9 Comments

Have you been to the grocery store recently and found that your grocery bills keep increasing every time you visit. You love eating healthy but cant afford it. Did you know that some of your fruits and vegetables are transported 1000 of miles from where you live? I have something interesting that I will be writing about by the end of this month. This about people who do it as a hobby or the passion to do good for the environment. Read about my next blog – Backyardigans – “Growing your own vegetables”

So it’s the  July 13th, 3 am in the morning, trying to study but also thinking about my next blog topic about Gardens in the backyard. I spoke to a friend of mine who is a resident of Smyrna and is also an avid gardener apart from the amazing space planning she does at work. Her husband too loves the smell of earth and getting all dirty planting his favorite vegetables. Now, I good some good leads from her regarding who to meet. So i am planning and  my next move. But, before that i wanted to share with you the organic garden Michelle planted, Yes, First lady Michelle Obama. White House – Backyardigans. Click on link to read NY Times article. This is the layout of the garden. See more pics below.

I hope you liked this article. Now my next mission is to visit the Smyrna Farm Market and do some talking with locals.  In the meanwhile I will try and find a few pictures from my friends garden and include them in the article. Till then, have a good week and dont forget to check this space in few days.

A couple of phone calls and emails to locals of Smyrna and I was directed to Mr Roy Hall’s Vegetable Garden at the Intersection of SouthCobb and Church Road. They said, ” You will find him in the garden…”. I went looking for him on a weekend and asked him if I could talk to him and his passion for an article for my Blog. Mr Hall agreed  ad decided to meet  on July 21 at 10am.

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July 21st, 10 am.

So here I was, excited to finally meet Mr Green fingers of Smyrna. I met him at his home where he usually stocks up his vegetables and the locals come get their favorite locally grown organic veggies from him. This years produce was mostly tomatoes, juicy, ripe, and delicious. Okra, Beans, sweet and hot Peppers, Squash and Eggplant. Mr Hall has been a resident of Smyrna for many years and has been growing vegetables for 15 years. He said he was passionate about it and enjoyed picking tomatoes even when the days got  100 degrees and higher. As I drove in to the lot, Mr Hall was already there, his red pick up truck  carefully parked on the side as he was hauling a bucket full of  juicy red tomatoes. He zealously picked more as he showed me around his little garden explaining how the day gets hotter and how this years produce was fantastic. Nonetheless, Mr Hall is here everyday from 7 am in the morning picking vegetable and tending to the needs of his work.  I was also lucky to get a few tomatoes and peppers as I drove back home happy to meet another person who is doing good for the environment. So anytime you are in the area, driving on South Cobb, turn into Church Road and you will see the lot on the right. You may be lucky to meet Mr Hall if you drive by early in the morning.   

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Tomato Picking with Mr Hall. I got to take this one home with me.

Tomato Picking with Mr Hall. I got to take this one home with me.

The Okra patch

The Okra patch

How about some Italian tonight!

How about some Italian tonight!

Green Bean Patch

Green Bean Patch

The hot and sweet peppers.

The hot and sweet peppers.

My days pick!!
My days pick!!

I apologise for the fuzzy pictures. There was too much sunlight and my lens was acting up again.



§ 9 Responses to Backyardigans – Growing your Vegetables.

  • Saima says:

    Hey Yams – interesting read. Brilliant advertising ;)and indeed an informing piece.

  • Sandhiya says:

    I cant wait to see the ‘green’ pictures from your local farmers market. The one by my work happens on wednesdays.. it feels like a mini vacation seeing all those colorful fruits, plants and especially the ‘pick me up’ pecan pies and oat meal bread. Yum!

  • Prashant says:

    This comment of for your previous blog, Adaptive Reuse, Amazing detail into stuff that most people overlook in their day to day. Well done, I will look forward to more blogs.

  • Sandhiya says:

    Here is a link you might find interesting “The real world isn’t black and white at all. Between pure organics and the reckless use of chemicals, there is a huge gray area, and this is where most farming is done.”,0,2885942.story

  • Kittu says:

    hey..that was a very interesting write up on going organic…here in india i try to do my bit in my apartment and grow some daily used veggies in pots…

    and i am very passionate about how important it is to “save the human race”…while we strive to eat healthy we fail to realise the pollution these fruits have added to while being transported from distant places ! plus not sure anymore if eating fruits is heatlhy when you realise all the pesticides that were used to grow them ! damn scary …

  • Sandhiya says:

    Yamini – Great Job with the interviews and facts that we fogive the fuzzy pictures. Keep up the good work gal!

  • Mr. Roy Hall passed away this week. RIP.

    • greenurbanmotifs says:

      Thanks so much for letting me know. I wish his passion for growing his own veggies never dies.
      I loved meeting him and it is an honor that I wrote about him on my blog in 2009.

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