Banning the Bulb.

August 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am sure many of you all already know this. But I wont be surprised If many of you all don’t know what “Incandescent Bulb” is and why is it being banned? Well, the incandescent bulb is what Edison improvised (he actually did not invent it) into a first commercially practical model.

Why are the Bulbs being Banned?.. Well its is the most efficient and low cost methods  to reduce the nations energy consumption and green house gases.

An energy bill passed by the Congress in 2007 will ban the ILB (Incandescent Light Bulb) by 2014. The phase out of the Incandescent bulb will begin with the 100 watt light bulb in 2010 and end with 40 watt light bulb in 2014. So If this is news to you start tossing out your ILB and bring in the CFL’s (Compact flourescent Bulb). Dont forget to save one to show your great grand child or sell it on Ebay for a $1000, 100 years from now.The CFL though more expensive ($3-5 a piece) compared to the ILB (.50 cents/piece)  lasts 5 years longer and uses 75% less energy.

Now when its time to dispose your CFL (after 5 years) don’t just throw it into a garbage can. It needs to be disposed off in the right method just as you would dispose a  battery, paint etc. Home improvement store like Home Depot, Ikea will recycle them for free. (I know, I know another task on your To do list, but it’s worth it).

So let’s do the math here. An average home needs approx 45 light bulbs. So at $5 a bulb the cost of replacing all te bulbs in the home is $225. The cost savings over their lifetime is $1,350, for a profit of 1,125, 5 times their initial investment.


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