My Winter project – Installing the Programmable Thermostat

August 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

I hate Winters!.. That is the first thing that comes to my mind when it starts getting cold. Another thing that I hate  is seeing my gas bills rise each and every month we face the bitter winter. I saved 1 years of our utility bills in our new home to get an idea about the variations in billing according to the climate. The highest gas bills are usually in Winter. PERIOD! My project this year(2010) even before winter starts will be to install a Programmable Thermostat  at home. I’ve been talking to hubby dear about this since last winter but never took the initiative.

Our gas company even offers us a tax rebate if we installed a programmable Thermostat at home. Check to see if your gas company does and make the switch NOW!, Why? Installing a PT (Programmable Thermostat) is the easiest way to save energy bills and also contribute towards fighting Global Warming.

An average PT shouldn’t cost more than a $150 saving you about 180-200/year on your energy bills. You will need a certified HVAC technician come and install it for you in order for it to work efficiently.

I read the above information from Energy Star and went about  researching my PT. I will add more as I study PT product information, HVAC tech installation fee, and total budget cost etc. Keep reading Folks!


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