Historic Downtown,Duluth GA – People and their Places

September 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

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Sept 01, 2010

Armed with my digital camera, a notebook and my 4 month old in a stroller I took a walk into Duluth's Historic Downtown. I've driven several times through 120 GA Hwy that by passes the  historic downtown but never knew that there was more to just a few shops seen from 120 GA Hwy. My afternoon appointment was cancelled and since I had nothing much to do, I decided to visit Historic Duluth pick up some stuff for a DIY project and go meet some  local people. I parked across a  consignment and design store - Church Ladies and walked in for some "finds" I needed for my DIY project. The store itself had so much history that I decided to write an independent blog post in the coming months ( I am currently working on getting more information...). I was extremely pleased with the eclectic collection they had and managed to pick couple of 'finds' for $20. I spoke some more to the lady, Connie - Nature's Elegance who does uniques dried and silk floral arrangements. I was later introduced to Annette and Jane the ladies who own Church Ladies. Originally the building was once a Court-house, then a Church and now a Sonsignment shop - "ADAPTIVE REUSE!!" .... I was so excited to have found another article for my Adaptive Reuse category.We talked a little while and Annette told me that she was baptised and married in that very same church. How Interesting!! I thought... I told her I would be back for more information from her since I wanted to write a new article for the  Adaptive Reuse category.

My 'Finds'

I walked across to the now 'New' City Hall and spoke to Crystal who directed me to a Duluth Historical Society to get more history about Duluth. The website had a page that displayed a few pictures from the past. I was particularly interested in finding a picture of the original building that now houses Church Ladies for which I needed to make few more calls and enquiries. I walked past various other stores  and took a few pictures and noticed there were several new 'small businesses' ranging from Computer softwares companies to Coffee shops apart from the various older Consignment stores and Musical Instruments tuning and repair stores in the area. I stopped by a store called "This That and Other" and chatted in length with  Janine who recently opened doors for Antique furniture she and her husband purchased at Estate Auctions. They are planning for grand entry very soon and hope to attract more customers.
Sept 02, 2010 This evening I once again had the pleasure to visit downtown Duluth to have a cup of Frappe at a store called Chocolate Perks owned by a charming and delightful lady Marsha who also owns Streetsmarts a Planning and  Transportational Engineering Company. She is a (NHI) National Highway Institute certified instructor who not only trains her staff but also her community through "Training"to bring together her vision ..."Better Comminities...Better Lives..By Design.
Overall, it was a fun-filled  stroll with my 4 month old, useful information in hand, friendly new acquaintances for my soul  and 'great finds' for my DIY project.  I will be writing more interesting stuff in detail as I collect and research information.
What is the City but the people? - William Shakespeare

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  • Mina says:

    Hi Yamini! Excellent posts, it’s great to hear your voice in your writing.

    Your life is certainly a whirlwind right now!! I’m fascinated with how you manage to keep up 🙂

    See you soon, good work!!

    • greenurbanmotifs says:

      Hey Mina,
      Thank you for reading my Blog. I love the Damask Wallpaper too. Every night I am here I make sure I read the Wallpaper blog..LOL!

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