The Guestroom Head Board

November 30, 2010 § 4 Comments

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I’ve been thinking about design and building a Headboard for the Guest bedroom since some time now. I wanted something different…it needed to have fabric, unique, creative, and in my Budget ($100) and easy to build. I came up with a  few ideas that involved fabric and foam that were toatally out of mybudget. This kept delaying the project until I just said to myself..”Why do I need foam?…let me do with out it.

I headed to Home Depot and bought some 1×4’s, nails, construction glue, stapler gun and stapler. My next stop was Joanne to get fabric for the headboard. I pondered between printed and solid and finally decided on  Liz Clairborne’s off-white organic linen that was simply a beauty. It had the right amount of tranlucency that I needed, since this was going to be a Lighted Headboard. Why white?..Because I love the simplicity of linen in white.

The frame took me 2 days to build, since I had to buy the 1×4’s from Lowes again in order to compensate for the warped 1×4’s from Home Depot. The second time I built the frame in 20 mins. The frame is for a queen bed, so I built it a foot longer then the size of the queen bed so it overhangs 6 inches on either side. The height I kept at 36″.

The frame for the headboard ta da!

I decided to buy some foam to wrap the board so it doesn’t feel too edgy for the user. I stapled it to the frame with my new staple gun (starting to love working with power tools)

Foam Stapled to the Headboard Frame

The next was to install some kind of lighting into the frame. I  include lighting in the frame since the room would be mostly used by Appa – my father-in law or my parents. They now wouldn’t have to grope in the night for a  light switch  to use the bathroom in the night.  It also acts like a moodlight for those romantic nights…uh! I know what I mean.

Festive lights stapled to the frame

I stapled the frame with organic linen and tested it aganist the bed, it was perfect. I now needed something to give it dynamism. I bought som ebrown fabric paint and looked for a sqaure bottom oil bottle, dipped it in the paint and printed on the fabric. I managed to organize the pattern and yet make it look casual.

I painted the accent wall Lindburg Dutchess Blue – from Valspar, Lowes. and here it is my- DIY Headboard Project!

This can be a quick weekend project for anybody and I totally love it. I finished in $150, since I didnt estimate for the anchors to hook the headboard to the wall.


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