The Woodstock Market Place

December 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

I had the opportunity to be a part of the Woodstock Market show today for NETWORX –  a home improvment network online community for home owners connecting and discussing their DIY and Home improvement projects. It was quite a cold, windy and a gloomy day. The market was bustling with stalls with various local artists who arranged their wares not one bit de-motivated by the weather. I walked around checking out stuff when I fell in love with glass lanterns made from recycled wine bottles and thought it deserves to be a part of the..I Digg this!… blog entry.

Aren’t these cool? A perfect gift for a person who loves green, organic and recycled things. I stopped by and had a little chat with the owner who didn’t seem very excited about the weather but was enthusiastic to share with me how they make these beauties. They are made here by a local company in Atlanta called MetalScenes. I first wondered how they inserted the part that holds the candle and then realized the bottle is cut from the bottom and designed with a rim (I don’t really know the material, but seemed safe to touch). The bottles are then custom etched with nice patterns and designs. They cost  $25 ea. and can be hung together like a bunch from a tree or patio.

I totally digg this! and appreciate people like Mike and Steve Smithwick  for making art from recycled bottles.


§ 2 Responses to The Woodstock Market Place

  • greenurbanmotifs says:

    What do you’ll think? I will be around more places this month looking at stuff I digg!…Want to know from you all, which blog entry in the “I digg this!” category do you like…Comments are welcome.

  • Deepti Mudaliar says:

    I totally dig the ‘I digg this’ blog idea!!! I also love the recycled bottle-lanterns…even if we don’t end up actually buying them, it sure does spark new ideas in our heads to get creative and green at the same time! I’m inspired! Please continue to post ‘I digg this’ items that come along your way….I, for one, am eagerly waiting for new, creative sightings from you 🙂

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