Door knobs and my green polka dot book

January 17, 2011 § 5 Comments

Its been 16 days since 2011, and this would be my first post. No, I haven’t been lazy but doing a lot of things with work, home, when the snow storm hit Atlanta, writing, talking and listening. I visited New Orleans for Christmas, and totally loved walking the streets, I walked as a student, and the unfamiliar city still welcomed me. (NO welcomes everybody, its a party out there…) Why unfamiliar? Since Katrina, the city’s fabric has been torn and damaged by negligence. It was sad since so many areas  looked foreign to me. With  all the wind, the cold and excitement of being back in the city I loved so much, I lost my camera of 5 years.  I know I owed the city much more than a camera, but it made me wonder, Why did I  lose it in New Orleans? I even had a nightmare one night waking up realising that I will never have that camera back again.

So, no pictures for a while, until I buy a new Camera. I’ve been reading and writing a lot in my green polka dot book my sis-in-law and I picked up at Anthropologie, in New Orleans. The Book, is not for Resolutions, but, A Book of Dreams, or Possibilities – my Sis-in-law describes, similar to the one Queen Latifah had in the movie Last Holiday.

The first few days, I didn’t enter anything interesting, but one afternoon, I tucked a piece of scrap paper, (a rough receipt of something I purchased) into the brown envelope, (This is a place where you bury your treasures) glued to the book. I said to myself,”…this is a dream and I am making it happen…”  A  small green venture for Urbanmotifs and I cannot wait to bring it to reality. Anthropologie, had some nice goodies in the store. While I was trying to pick the Book, I was also eyeing the Door knobs, nicely arranged in a circular shelf. The knobs were all handcrafted in different colors and form. I’ve never seen this many, and It was a feeling of ‘Kid in a Candy Store’. They seem to have a knob for everybody, the cartographer, the bird watcher, the choreographer, the believer and people like you and me. These beauties are all made by artisans around the world and they will look great on your kitchen cabinets, drawers and chests etc. I can’t wait to find a drawer that needs an Anthropologie knob.

Spinning Glob Knob - Anthropologie

Bauble Knob - Anthropologie

Jeweler's Knob - Anthropologie

Russian Knob - Anthropologie

Map Maker's Knob - Anthropologie

Chronograph Knob - Anthropologie

Key Hole Knob - Anthropologie

Melon Knob - Anthropologie

Lucky Number Knob - Anthropologie

For You and Me Knob - Anthropologie

Entomology Knob - Anthropologie

This is my Favorite Knob - Anthropologie

That being said, maybe I should drop by a consignment store and salvage a chest. Well at least I am glad school starts tomorrow and life gets a little more structured.


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