Lighting from the Past, for the Present…RejuviNation

January 17, 2011 § 3 Comments

Isn’t this amazing?, with so much news about green buildings, sustainability, infill’s and adaptive re-use, Rejuvination has struck the Iron while its hot, Actually struck it a while back!!

Yes, the OLD is today’s NEW

What do they do? Rejuvination is a company based out of Portland that has been collecting antiques in general for many years, 1977 to be precise. The man behind the magic is Jim Kelly who opened an Architectural Salvage with $1000 in his pocket. He worked and rebuild vintage light fixtures among the cast off’s when business was slow.

The First Store - Restored by Jim and his girlfriend

Today, Rejuvenation is America’s largest manufacturer and leading direct marketer of authentic reproduction lighting and house parts. Rejuvenation products are made-to-order and sold through the company’s catalogue, website, and retail stores in Portland, Ore. and Seattle, Wash. (Source: Rejuvination)


The Menlo lighting as shown in the picture below is a look-alike of the fixtures that were common in the Industrial and Utilitarian setting. The Menlo is popularly known as the  ‘cluster’ fixture known to have a mirrored shade to reflect as much lighting needed for a space with less energy spent.

Menlo, The Big Picture - Rejuvination

Totally love this fixture, reminds me of an old tea house, with slow-moving noisy ceiling fans above, the smell of tobacco and an opera from a rickety radio…How about a chic coffee shop, mocha walls, smell of lemon cake and the blues playing in the back ground?…See it fits in both settings, I Love it!!

These industrial gas-style wall brackets bring unadorned, well-designed form and a sense of purpose to any room they're in. Damp-rated and durable, the Ironside is bold enough to light stable stalls and commercial spaces, yet subtle enough to add grace to a living or dining room. Gas fixtures originally, now fully electrified, the lights these are based on were manufactured by a New York company called Colt - Rejuvination

The Wiley, (shown first in the post) is another amazing fixture, which I would love to use in a Country Kitchen above a Breakfast bar, three in a row, I like my Eggs scrambled please..Ahem!

Hood - 'Fixture of the Year',This period basic fixture is a great way to make a bold, yet simple statement - Rejuvination

Since this week started out with products from Companies I was tempted to write about Rejuvination and their conscience design.They restore other types of House parts too like door knobs, window treatments, hinges etc. Check them out!


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§ 3 Responses to Lighting from the Past, for the Present…RejuviNation

  • greenurbanmotifs says:

    Which one is your favorite? and What did you think of this concept? I would love to use the Industrial style fixture in home as soon as I get a chance.

    • Deepti Mudaliar says:

      My favorite is the ‘Menlo’….but I also do LOVE the ‘Wiley’…As you said, it would be perfect for a breakfast bar, even in a modern kitchen! So innovative, LOVE the concept. I want to check out the website and look at their other products as well…really fascinating!

  • Deepti Mudaliar says:

    Just visited the website – what a brilliant collection!!! I’m completely hooked, and am already making a list of my favorites, even though we don’t own a home yet! The best part is that they entertain detailed customizations to fit your style! Thanks Yams, for finding this real ‘gem’!

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