Shipping Container – House tour

July 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve always wanted to feel the space and experience the excitement of living in a shipping container home. After a quick search on Google, I wanted to find out more about the shipping container home that was being built in Atlanta. I called a number I found online and spoke to a very friendly voice at the other end. George Runkle from Runkle Consulting was the structural engineer of the container home and I was thrilled when I learned I could tour the home when it was completed and safe to visit. A couple of months later, I called George later and asked ” Are we there yet?”.

I skillfully entered the address in my GPS and drove one Sunday morning to meet the team, George and owner Glen just outside the 2 shipping container homes that stood majestically beside each other on 442 Gartell Rd.  Glen was busy mowing the lawn, and getting the home ready for “Modern Atlanta home tour”. This was a big week for Glen and there was lots to be done around the home.

 I was lucky to be there, getting a tour from the owner and the structural engineer himself!!! I carefully tread inside the foyer of the container home and felt the space around me. I didn’t feel one bit, I was in a shipping container, the air was cool and natural light flowed into each space from the carefully designed storefront windows. The entire home consisted of a set of 6 containers , 2 stacked beside each other with a total of 3 levels on a raised basement that could easily accommodate 2 cars. The home was insulated with spray foam insulation and the air inside felt perfect. Glen explained the home had a “reversed plan” with living quarters on the first floor and the kitchen on the  upper floor. Glen decided to have the Kitchen and the hangout space on the uppermost level to take advantage of the view Atlanta could best offer.

Meet Glen Owner/ General Contractor of both the container homes preparing for the Modern Atlanta home tour

A paper lantern in the stairway/ foyer

A view from the master bedroom - see additional structural bracing on the right hand side

The master bathroom with sleek fixtures and double vanity

The million dollar view from the uppermost floor - kitchen and social living

The kitchen, I just love the backsplash and the sleek modern look of the space

Some details of the home:

Roofing material –  EPDM (Rubber Membrane)

Insulation – Exterior walls furred with steel studs, with blown in insulation  in between the studs

HVAC – Units are installed on the second floor and the duct work  was exposed.

Windows and doors – Store front windows and doors.

Stairs – Metal scissor type units.

Source: Runkle Consulting

Now that is something!!!

Strategically designed bathroom, I love every bit of the space.

The other container home, a view from the uppermost balcony.

See this home on Move Modern after it was ready for the Atlanta Modern Home tour. The home is currently listed for 425,000. Interested?

Walking out, I thanked Glen for  giving me a tour oh his home and had a lengthy chat with George and Kushka of KK Construction regarding another container project. This time it is a restaurant being built from containers on an old gas station site. I will be visiting with the team again very shortly and learning more about the project from the Architect – Dietrich and associates, Kushka – Owner/General contractor and George – Structural Engineer.


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