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I have always been a fan of ‘Typography’ , be it a serif or a san serif, I know the good from the bad and the ugly from the best! But, since sometime, my attention has been diverted to the ‘Typewriter’. With all of you having the Apple I pad on your wish list, I have the antiquated typewriter on mine! Why? because I think they are true antiques and their glorious past needs to revisited by us in our present day modern lives of cluttered digitalism! (If that is even a word!) Remember, we now have the iPad because we all once started out on a typewriter. My earliest memory of a type writer is when my dad set up office at home. Since then, the constant sound of the typewriter and the typist writing notes in short-hand was a common sight for me. Apart from all the fond memories, I love them!!  simply because they are adorable pieces of heavy metal, they come in beautiful colors, have beautiful  form, and mainly because I have an eye for uniqueness!!!

Emma - Meedily Etsy.com

The shop owner of Meedily loves typewriters and this is what he says as an intro to his Etsy shop page…” My name is Sam. As a result of my Asperger’s syndrome, I’m obsessed with strange things: linguistics, the BBC, audio recording…and typewriters. My life seems to revolve around those things. I initially set up this store to find a home for a few extra typewriters that were being neglected. I’ve come to learn that this store is so much more than that. It’s about helping inspiring writers and collectors find that perfect typewriter, the one they connect with. This is important as they all have distinct personalities.

Are you looking for a great traveling typewriter? Or what about a large desktop typewriter that dominates your workspace? Drop me a line and I’ll do everything I can to make sure you get the typewriter that works for you.

For now, take a rest, prairie visitors -Sam

Why am I writing about Typewriters on Urbanmotifs? Well, just for the fact that  someone out there is restoring them for the love of the old and keeping them from ending up in a landfill. Remember, I love people who love their spaces!! I picked some of my favorite typewriters for this blog post  and they are from my favorite Etsy shops – BM Vintage and  Meedily and Eurovintage. These beauties can make a perfect conversational piece every time you have a guest at home.You can buy tem too, maybe type a story or poetry that has been dwelling in your mind for some time.

So, if you are like me, lover of type, typography, things from the past, or want to learn more about people – unique people, and the things they do, enjoy this post and please  comment on what you think of the typewriters. Will you have one on your wishlist some day??

Vintage bright orange – BM Vintage Etsy.com

Yellow Triumph Adler - EuroVintage Etsy.com

1930's Remington Kasbahmod.com

Kasbah Morderne (Kasbahmod.com) recently had a sale on Fab.com and I picked  one from their site as well. Chase Gilbert, Co-Owner of Kasbah Morderne says “I love typewriters! I love the tactile experience of writing with truly in-obsolete technology. In these days of scatter-brain thinking and an obsession with Control V and Control C, the typewriter gives me equal parts freedom AND discipline”

Well said Chase, yet another reason for buying one of these beauties!!

I couldn't resist this one - source unknown

So, what do you’ll think?? I know the iPad is still on top of your wishlist, but give the typewriter a chance, place them on your desk, or a  shelf, collect them, or type a story. I would love to hear from you when you do!!


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