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Finally I got all my chairs and moved into a small workroom at the back of Hardeman Fine Art, Inc Showroom in Downtown Duluth. I decided to move out of the garage and take the furniture re-design business to the next level. It was a low profile move. No announcements, no banners, no grand opening plans. But, while all this was happening quietly, my mind was in total chaos. Can I manage this? Will I be able to market my product? Will people buy my chairs?


The studio is the almost to the end of Ken’s store –  Hardeman Fine Art Glass, Inc.  We have a back entrance that can be opened during summer and attract casual customers who walk by Village Green. I was excited when I first saw this space even though it looked dilapidated a bit. Ken confessed he hadn’t cleaned that space in 8 years. I still loved it as it was surrounded by Ken’s work from his stained glass business. There were brushes every where and the place had the natural artsy feel and I knew I didn’t have to work very hard to make it look like a “Bang” in a few days.


I was fortunate to start work the very day we opened shop. This client was special as she did work similar to mine but mostly restored French furniture. Kara wanted a ton of chairs to be done by Jan 13th as she had to get them ready for her booth at the Scott Antique’s Market. Currently we are working on 2 wing back chairs and the design is pretty unique. Burlap on the back and sides and painter’s canvas on the front and the cushions. Wait till this chairs completes. I uploaded a few pics of the chair while I was stripping it.

My 6 year old took this picture while I was stripping the chair, so forgive the blur. She is learning!


The official date for the store opening has not been decided, but I am thinking Spring. The weather will get better and people will be out and wanting to spruce up their furniture. I am planing on getting together with Martine Resnick  a Designer and Marketing Stategist in order to create a “Brand” for Urbanmotifs. We will be talking soon and I will share more information on the branding of the furniture re-design store and how we proudly re-design our funiture.

I am also excited about a lunch date with LeeAnne Culpepper, Martine Resnick and Miriam from Hometalk. I’ve invited them for an Indian experinece/Lunch. The venue is not yet decided but I better get my Apron and my Indian Spice out soon.

Until next time…


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  • Very excited about our Indian lunch Yamini! I do not get enough Indian food fixes here in the US (there are 1000’s of indian food places back in the UK). I’m also super excited to be working with you on your branding and marketing strategies. Think we’re going to have a lot of fun. m

    • greenurbanmotifs says:

      Thank you Martine, I am excited to cook for you all as well. It’s been some time since I’ve made something decent to eat. I am excited to be working with you as well!!!

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