Thank you for stopping by my blog; I am an architectural  designer with an interest in color, graphics, patterns, vibrant downtowns, succulents
and PEOPLE. I am very passionate about PEOPLE! I love people and particularly those,  who influence a SPACE, a SPACE around them, and a thing that can help influence  their SPACE, a passion that preserves their SPACE, and SPACE that satisfies  their very belief of existence. When I say SPACE, I mean the ENVIRONMENT. I  love people who love their environment, LIVE in it, CREATE from it, BUILD it  and BELIEVE in it. This blog is about those people.

Green Urban Motifs is a collection of art, craft, spaces,  ideas, theories and things that these PEOPLE collect, build, cherish and  believe. As a designer here is where I find my inspiration and I want my blog  to be a collection of inspiration from PEOPLE and their SPACES around me and I  want to inspire YOU from this collection of stories, tours, and my meeting with  these people. I believe in this SPACE and my reason for existence, I want it to  inspire my design, so design become more meaningful then just a few lines on  paper rendering it to be limited in time.

If the SPACE jargon was bit too much for you, no worries  just enjoy my blog and come back for more unique collection, design, ideas and  products from these PEOPLE. If you are one of them or know somebody like them,  I would be glad to feature you or your friend in my blog, just leave a comment  below and I will get in touch with you.




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